Asking out by mistake!

I always have been into relationships where the other one liked me first and later I liked him. This is the first time when I’m in a relationship with someone whom I was the one to like first. The first time he asked me out he did it by mistake.

It was late night and we were chatting as usual. A new mean of communication I used this much. I gave him some songs in a folder and asked if he liked them.

The song was “We can go anywhere” by Jesse McCartney. And as I asked him if he liked the song or not. He thought I was giving him a hint to ask me out, reading “We can go anywhere”. This was his first time with a girl. After a lot of trouble he finally asked me out. We both decided the place the the timing and everything. He was nervous like hell. Kind of cute actually!

But later when we were talking about whose will for the date was stronger! It became clear to both of us that all of it came out of a misunderstanding. We were both embarrassed like hell. Especially him. But it also became clear to us that we both wanted the date to happen. So we went on with the plan anyway. And had our date!

Baby take me on a journey,
I’ve been thinking lately
I could use a little time alone with you…

Jesse McCartney I owe you bigtime. You got me my fist date.


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