Sherlock Effect

I am getting a feeling at the moment that reminds me of the old me 8-9 years ago. When I used to watch Harry Potter movies and cry at night. What was the reason I never knew but I really used to cry. Today after watching the 1st episode of the 2nd season of Sherlock I feel the same. Last time I was only impressed. But today I have a crush on Sherlock. Not him actually that him doesn’t exist just like the Daniel Radcliffe faced Harry Potter character I used to love. This is the same!

I love the way he pushes away THE WOMAN and yet he himself is weak towards her. But he can’t accept that to himself.

Even though Sherlock is extraordinarily smart he never guessed the feelings he inspired in Molly Hooper’s heart. Amazing. A man is like that. Is best at what he does but overlooks the things close to him.I like the way he fell for the only woman who defeated him. Well it seems so at the beginning. But she outsmarted him and then he doubled it. Amazing! (Too much use of amazing I know, but I can’t help it!)

Sometimes simple soothing comforting love is not enough! Sometimes pain is appreciated more than anything else. Weird how people minds work. We actually ask for pain. And we crave for more! Well I do.

I never knew what I wanted. But someone in my life made me realize what I want. I wanted the love of a man. But I never wanted him to accept every little thing I want. I like to earn what I want. Rather than being treated like a child and given everything that I want.

Now I kind of see what I like the most about him. It was his hard to get nature that attracted me towards him. He was not exactly nice to everyone. And God I actually loved it. I loved the way he used to criticize me. Others did it too. That made me angry. But him, I liked it.

Going back to Sherlock, I loved the way Sherlock described howImage he found Irin was in love with him. Pretty harsh! He exposed her. Only because she deceived him. Still he couldn’t forget her. He fell for her too.

People actually are attracted more to sinners than saints. And I find that this not so romantic love story attracts me more than anything else.  Because the definition of romance here is completely different. She doesn’t show care to her love. She deceives him and then he strikes back. Amazingly passionate!  So from all this I came to a conclusion.

A sweet smile can get you appreciation, but a sarcastic one can get you much more!


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