A Night to Remember

“Just keep walking and don’t talk.”

“But there are too many people standing there, what if they find out”, I half ran behind him as I struggled to keep the cloth at place tied around my breast to make my chest look flat.

“No one will find out, they’re all too busy with themselves, they wouldn’t even bother to look at you.”

“But people do look at me.”

“People look at girls. Now stop talking or people will look to see the guy who’s talking like a girl!”

“ I really don’t think I can do it. There are so many people. And the hair on the back of my neck is visible! The cap can’t hide it all. They’ll know I’m a girl.”

“Stop talking for God’s sake. They’ll notice your voice. Receive the call I’m making. Pretend like you’re on the phone.”

“I can’t do it, please walk straight, please don’t enter the gates.”

But he didn’t listen to me. He turned right and I followed like a spell bound child. And before I could realize I was walking straight into the lobby of a boy’s hostel. He ran upstairs and signaled me to wait. The longest wait of my life those 10 seconds. As soon as he signaled again I walked behind him, the rest of the world a blur to me, only thing I could see was his back. 67, 68, 69,70 the room with the lights off and the open door welcomed me and the darkness within soothed my anxious and scared mind.

“You did it honey.”

“I don’t believe it.” I embraced him and screamed with my head buried in his chest. And like a person’s  senses give up the their strongest effort to stay awake right before going into the peaceful sleep, I  let out the last cry of my anxiety out before immersing myself into the depth of his love…Image

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