The Silent Witness

“You can’t leave”, he said as he grasped her hand.

“There is nothing left here for me” she struggled to release her hand. He held her hand so firmly, the bracelet in her hand was now actually cutting into her soft skin.

“I love you, and I won’t let you leave” he said in such a tone that sounded more like dare you leave and I’ll kill you, as her blood started dropping out of his hand.

She went back upstairs, threw her suitcase aside and sat on the floor covering her face in her hands. She was trying to go to her brother’s place. Though from her heart, she didn’t really want to leave. This was her home, why would she want to leave and drop into somebody who doesn’t really cared much about his sister. She knew her husband was having an affair yet she loved him.

She wanted to punish him, yet she loved him. She hated him, yet she loved him.

Regina entered the room swagging her tail. She came closer and licked her tears. She could always sense the pain in her mistress. The only member in the house, who actually cared about her pain.

She hugged Regina tightly and cried her heart out.

He entered the room, even more drunk, even more mad and if possible even more cruel. Sat beside her. ”Why do you want to leave me?” he said.

“Because I know you are sleeping with some other woman and you’re not even a human anymore, just like your father” she couldn’t control her temper.

“Don’t insult my father you bitch!” he banged her head on the wall holding her hair.

“You all are filthy scumbags, leave me alone you bastard” she struggled to let herself free. She could only hit him with her words, but she couldn’t free herself, she was weak.

Regina sat there confused by whatever is happening. She had the strength to attack him and save her. But how could she? He was his master too. How could she attack her own master?

“You would never insult my father or anyone of my family, ever again, neither will you leave me. Do you hear me? Never!” he was holding her throat so tight that her face was becoming red as she scratched his face to let herself free. Her face was now getting a blue shade as she stopped struggling and stopped fighting for breath as well. She started collapsing as he suddenly freed her and realized what he had done, as he was too drunk to realize what he was doing till now. He started panicking now sensing that he might have done a murder.

But he didn’t try to check if she was alive, he didn’t even try calling a doctor.

“Shut up Regina!” he said as Regina was licking her mistress’s face and crying softly. She could sense this was not a usual fight.

“You alone are responsible for your death” he said as he tied a cable wire around her neck and tied the other end with the fan and tried to hang her. But he failed as her body fell down and landed on the bed in an awkward position, appearing to be sitting with the wire around her neck.

But he had lost the chance. Regina started crying loudly after this and ran to her mistress, smelling her desperately and trying to find some sign of life in her. And her cry fetched one of his family members upstairs to see what was going on.

She screamed out aloud seeing the horrifying seen. But just in time, as he had already placed himself in the other room pretending to be asleep. Soon the whole colony was there.

“How did this happen? Why did she kill herself?” everyone had the same questions.

And the one who knew all the answers sat in the corner staring blankly at her dead mistress…



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