I wasn’t feeling very good. I had a back pain, my legs were paining and I slept in the evening. Something that always gives me a crappy feeling after waking up.

So I decided to give my self a little treat and along with my room mate ordered a pizza.

Just after we finished our pizza I received a text from my boyfriend.

He texted: “You awake honey?”

I texted: “Yeah, I was trying to call you for so long 😦 ”

He texted: “Really? I didn’t know! So what would you have for dinner?”

I texted: “Come online, I’ll tell you :P”

He texted: “Come to your balcony, and turn left.”

And I saw him. There he was. Standing, smiling at me. I ran downstairs and met him. He gave me a packet. And left.

He had brought food for me!

Even though my stomach was completely full and he was giving me extra food, I felt so happy that I wanted to hug him right there.

And somehow I never told him about the pizza! And I’m quiet happy about it!




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